Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Palindrome Poem

Playing to speech
Music, laughter and fun
Fun and laughter, music
Speech to playing

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My House was usual enough

My house was usual enough; it had        Free Download
A couch, a tv, a bed, a backyard
With a tramp, and even a nice garden
I like. My friends, my cousins and I
Did what girls do – bounced for hours
On the tramp, danced to songs, ate food,
went to the dairy,
laid on the grass, swam at the pools
Doing nothing important.

By Mia

Bike Ride

Bike Ride

Jutter, Jutter, Jutter!
I feel my blue and white bike twist, turn and the pedals rush round fast, like something's shaking me as I skid passed. I'm on the grey foot path, next to the road. I can see many colorful leaves falling, I better keep looking forward. At that moment my bike becomes heavy, I'm going down the hill at the end of the foot path. Turning round now, I curve round onto the wavy grass.
Carrying on back home.

By Mia

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Highland Home Photographs

I  see the big blue magnet sliding across the clearing.
I  feel the bubbles move up and down, with lots of power nearly bubbling at my face.
I hear children shouting and laughing with excitement, waiting to see what they could find in the water, clear and healthy.
I smell the salty, sandy water, nearly a drop on my nose.
I feel the water splashing at my legs and waking up from their deep sleep.

I see the rope swishing towards me blank in the distance, hands on the rope.
I feel the rough knots dragging me to the stale wood.
I  hear my group think of ideas how to grab the rope without touching the bark.
I smell the warm breeze bringing me such joy.  

I feel my shoes sink down into the water and splash my bare legs.
I see lots of rocks, pebbles surrounding me looking for thing to put down on my list.
I hear the movement of the things surrounding me.
I smell the slightly salty water below me.    

I feel my feet dig in the soft, snuggle carpet.
I see heaps of year 6 children watching me and my group- the cool kids.
I hear rooms 1/2 laughing and giggling watching us dance.
I smell the baking from outside spreading the whole lounge with cookies and cakes mm Yummy!!

I see the huge, silver coated, flowery statue standing in the middle of the gorge walk.
I hear bird noises, kids chattering and others whistling.
I feel tired, sore, breathless and sore
I smell food, berries and big trees.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Wednesday 30th 2016
Open sentence
As we entered the rock climbing place, I was amazed.
Although I was tired after the Manawatu Gorge walk, but I still put my feet in the water for the river swim.
After the movie everyone fell asleep.
While my group was doing orienteering the others were either doing the confidence course or shooting.
When  the kids in the cabins talked, teachers and parents told us to go to sleep.
Unless we did the the gorge walk.
Because we did the long 10k gorge walk we fell asleep.  
Before I did the reasons I was a bit nervous.
If the food was nice I would eat it all.
Since we went to the gym I was excited.
Serial patterns
In the cave we had to duck down, onto our  tummies, scoot across the wet stones and squeeze under the mud.
On the climbing wall we digged our sour feet into the holds,  while the others climbed in the back room.
The cabin  was spread out with dirty, smelly wet clothes, even under the bunks.

Interrupter sentences
At the climbing wall children, sore and excited, climbed, climbed and climbed.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cupcake Inquiry

.                                                                     Here are the cupcakes that Violet and I did for our inquiry.
The flavours are Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Optimist Yachting Quick Write

“AHHHH”, I'm hitting the edge of the boat, it’s a storm!!
Mia looks at the storm.
“ Oh no”, I shout to Violet.
“ Duck Mia the booms coming”, says Violet.
Mia ducks.
“ Few”, says Mia looking happy.
The sail flys off.
“ Violet I thought you put the sail on properly”, says Mia.
“ I did Mia”, says Violet.
“ Well, we need to get back to land”,says Mia.
The waves swirl round and round.
Mia and Violet are safe on land.

By Mia.